Level one cost just $2.00 to get started. You can upgrade to higher levels from there and purchase more advertising and products.
We accept BTC, ETH, LTC and TRX via coinpayments. You do not need a coinpayments account to join our program. You can send your crypto from any wallet.
The minimum to withdraw is just $2.00, which is what you will earn from your very first payment. All commissions are in USD. All withdrawals will be paid in TRX (Tron) because of fees.
Yes you can PIF any of your referrals into any level in order. Any member that has been free for over 7 days will be moved into a GLOBAL PIF pool. This will allow any member to PIF them into the $2.00 Level.
Yes there is a deposit fee of 5%, this will cover transaction fees incurred by our processor. Each level you purchase has a set admin fee that allows us to keep the program running.
Our processor, Coinpayments, will enact a fee on each withdrawal. The fee is usually 0.2 TRON. One you place and email confirm your withdrawal, it will be processed within 30 minutes.